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natural stone supplies since 1987

We are an Australian owned company established in 1987 and now one of Australia’s most well respected and prestigious stone companies specialising in the production of stone supplies for commercial projects and high-end quality residential projects.

From single kitchen bench-tops right through to the most intricate commercial applications, every project deserves Apex Stone’s commitment to quality.

Our Natural Stone is Supplied From

 Every corner of the globe, completely unique and so stunning that you’ll find it hard to believe they haven’t been designed by hand. Remember with natural stone their is no two slabs will ever be identical.

How We Became Stone Supplies in Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney

As is often the case with start-up companies Apex Stone began with plenty of enthusiasm but few resources. Based out of a makeshift factory in the backstreets of East Keilor in 1987 we took on any jobs that came our way.

From the very beginning, offering the greatest attention to detail has always been our point of difference.

After exceeding expectations on increasingly larger jobs, Apex was called upon by Grocon to complete work at the new Crown Casino on Southbank. A project more than ten times the size of anything we had worked on before. Another job well done.

Since that point we have grown into the industry specialists on large, complex commercial jobs.
And finally, we are bringing that specialty back to the residential market.


Market Leaders In Stone Supplies

With state-of-the-art facilities and the industry’s most experienced team, we are capable of producing the best work on any stone applications. Our three main focuses are:

We are the market leader in stone work for Victoria’s commercial industry. For over twenty years, we have been called on by the largest builders and most ambitious architects to complete the state’s most significant projects.

Apex Stone has long been the ‘go-to’ company for the state’s high-end residential projects. Ensuring that the job is completed to the highest level is never more important than it is in the residential sector. With a portfolio of completed projects boasting both Victoria’s most expensive house and apartment we can confidently claim to be the most trusted stone manufacturer in the state. Our expertise is available to all residential applications.

Heritage Restoration:
We use state-of-the-art technology to rejuvenate some of the oldest and most notable buildings right across Australia. Digitising hand-carved facades and accurately recreating them is just another service we are nationally renowned for.


The change of pace in the manufacturing and construction industries dictates that quality, innovation and technological progression go hand-in-hand.

To remain the ‘go-to’ company for Victoria’s most complex and significant projects it is necessary to maintain a fleet of modern, state-of-the-art machinery.

We have spared no expense in ensuring we are capable of meeting the needs of Australia’s most ambitious architects using 5-axis, 4-axis, waterjet machines and automated saws


Our fully automated, high-performance sawing plant is the world’s most advanced. Ensuring an efficient and accurate method of stone processing allows us to manufacture stone for a range of applications faster and more accurately than ever before.
Our state-of-the-art, CNC controlled, 5-axis machine allows us to tackle the most complex stone applications. This machine is at the centre of our heritage restoration work as we can program the most intricate designs and ensure the highest standard of finish.


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Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable manufacturing practices and environmental sensitivity have always been a concern of ours. Before such ideas became fashionable, we had already invested heavily in ensuring our plant was efficient.
In 1999 we installed a water recycling plant to reduce our reliance on Victoria’s water supply, making us the first stone processing factory in Victoria -possibly Australia- to do so.We are now overhauling our entire manufacturing process – from our lighting right through to our energy sources and waste disposal – to ensure our plant is the most efficient in the industry.Just another way we are setting the benchmark in Australian stone manufacturing.